To be pre-eminent in its field, a business must have a focus. For Gii, opportunities must be financially rewarding as well as socially and environmentally responsible. Projects are in the areas of waste to energy, renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass and biofuels), zero and low-carbon developments and water technology.

  • Waste to energy inputs are typically plastics, tyres, food, and medical waste, whilst outputs can be electricity, oil, gas or fuel pellets.
  • Renewable energy covers a wide range of applications. Wind and solar energy involves an unlimited feedstock to produce electricity. Biomass systems burn biomass (wood) to generate electricity and heat. Biofuels are typically derived from plant-based oil products such as oil palm, jatropha and sweet sorghum, which can be grown and renewed in less than a year.
  • Low-carbon developments concentrate mainly on social housing, though experimentation into producing zero-carbon homes continues. To add impetus, the British Government has announced an ambitious target for all new-build homes to be zero carbon from 2016. Coupled with this are solutions for making brownfield land habitable.
  • Water technologies have become highly specialised, whether for saving or purification. They prove that conservation of dwindling resources is a highly profitable area for businesses contributing new technologies. Many opportunities exist for bringing new processes to market as well as launching tried and tested products into new markets.

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